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Charlotte vasarhelyi

Charlotte is an engineering specialist who began running when her high school gym teacher saw my potential and inspired me to do something more.  So she started track instead of skipping classes and making poor life choices.  Running changed her life forever.

She now spends time inspiring and motivating youth, especially young girls, as an ambassador for I2P (Impossible to Possible) and volunteering at local races. She wants to help youth to realize their potential because it only takes one person to influence others to make a change.

She has been running for 23 years, adventure racing/running/orienteering from 2001-2007.  Some of her accomplishments are: National 24 hour team member 2005-2015, Canadian 6 day record holder (734+km), Bruce Trail through run finisher in 13 days 10:51, course records and finishes at multiple 100 mile trail races and 150 milers like Hurt 100 Mile Mountain Trail, McNaughton 100 miler and  Lost Souls 100 miler.