Tory Jones


I am a Professional Firefighter, mother of 4, stuntwoman and began long distance running and this business of multi-sport with my husband, after having children and deciding we wanted to pursue something together, and something fun.  I was no stranger to elite level sports growing up, competing Nationally and Internationally on the Canadian stage in Gymnastics, Alpine Skiing and Track & Field - Heptathlon - where my longest distance to boast of was a gruelling 800m!  Why I couldn’t have settled on masters track & field I will never fully understand.  I can say, that my experience with a certain level of sport taught me to always dream big - so I decided on running a full marathon as my first competitive race.  Many miles, memories and marathons later (Boston Proud 2016!), I decided to try my hand at Duathlon and spent last year chasing a spot on Team Canada to compete at the 2017 World Duathlon Championships.  I qualified, and will spend my moments of 2017 training to proudly wear the maple leaf on the world stage.

What started out as  a fun pasttime for ‘The Jones’ has become a lifestyle...I mean, we now have our bikes on trainers IN OUR BEDROOM!

With Dave and The Performance Project, I have learned to set achievable goals, train smart to avoid injuries, and above all keep a sense of humour!  He has been a huge support and I certainly am excited to be a part of his team!  

Running, Biking and Running (in that order) fills my spirit with a happiness and lessens the load of everyday life.  My true passions are my family, coffee, unicorns, binge watching Netflix and my long-run/ride reward beer!  I try to live beyond by facing each new day bravely and to never be afraid to cycle or run down that road less travelled...for, well-behaved women rarely make history!

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